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Auto Theft Canada: Protecting Your Investment

Auto theft in Canada is on the rise. Over four hundred vehicles a day are stolen, which breaks down to roughly one vehicle every three minutes. It costs Canadians well over $1.2 billion a year in losses, but it doesn’t have to. Anti-theft measures are a great way to prevent auto theft, and one product stands out from the rest.

GLOBALi Theft Deterrent program is among the most efficient and practical anti-theft products in the market today. The GLOBALi theft identification labels are applied throughout the vehicle and act as a visual deterrent to criminals, letting them know that the vehicle in question isn’t an ideal target. The GLOBALi branding labels have a unique theft identification number which adheres to the vehicle body parts in a case the label is removed. This makes the recovery process simple and helps law enforcement to trace the true VIN of the vehicle and determine the rightful owner of that particular vehicle.

When it comes to theft prevention, GLOBALi is at the forefront of the battle. Thieves recognize GLOBALi as a leader in the industry. Take advantage of brand recognition that makes a difference and invest in an anti-theft system that really works.
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A new vehicle is a substantial investment. With auto theft in Canada on the rise, it would be well advised to consider including a top-of-the-line anti-theft measure. Some of the systems on the market today cost thousands of dollars, but there’s a more cost-effective and game-changing alternative.


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GLOBALi is an excellent choice when it comes to protecting your new vehicle. The GLOBALi Theft Deterrent program strategically places the unique theft Identification labels throughout the vehicle. While a label alone may not be enough to prevent theft, the GLOBALi program is different. Even if a label is removed, the unique theft identification number adheres to the body part which can be seen only with a frequency specific ultra-violet light which assists with the recovery process. This makes it a much simpler process for law enforcement to trace the vehicle to the true VIN.




Thieves know that anti-theft systems that can be used to incriminate them should be avoided at all costs. Every thief worth their salt knows that GLOBALi is a program that works, and vehicles sporting their warnings should not be targeted. The name alone is enough to keep potential predators at bay. Implement one of the most well-known names in the industry and reap the benefits.


Auto theft costs Canadians upwards of $1.2 billion every year. Take the necessary precautions required to avoid becoming another statistic. Visit or call 1-888-291-9991 to speak with a customer care representative to learn more about the benefits of GLOBALi. It’s a simple procedure that can help avoid a lot of headaches down the road and save thousands in the process.

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